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Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment

Residential Programs

Women in our specialty residential programs for pregnant and parenting women will receive comprehensive, family-centered care in a serene and comfortable facility that is situated on a former golf-course. We offer two levels of residential care in order to meet the unique needs of pregnant and parenting women. 

Level 3.3 Medium-Intensity Residential Program 

Women in this level of care participate in daily clinical and therapeutic services aimed at increased stabilization, reduction of relapse risk factors, introduction to relapse prevention and mental wellness, and balancing the demands of parenting with recovery efforts. Treatment is provided at a slower pace while women also care for their children. 

Level 3.1 Low-Intensity Residential Program

This level of care is intended to help clients maintain therapeutic gains made during the 3.3 program. Clients receive counseling, intensive case management, vocational services, and peer support in order to make a successful transition to more independent living. 

Residential Program: Services
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